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MOON BOY (working title)

Djoko Lelono

  • Original Title: ANAK REMBULAN
  • Publication date: August 2011
  • Publisher: PENERBIT MIZAN
  • Country: ID
  • 350 print pages
  • Fantastic/Heroic Fantasy


  • Epoch: Historical
  • Location setting: Indonesia
  • Themes: PEOPLE facing life, Initiation journey, Life change, SOCIETY DYSFUNCTIONS, War and other conflicts, SOCIAL CHRONICLES, Multiculturalism, Friendship, CHARACTERS, Child


Nono, an Indonesian boy, finds himself going inside a tree and being transported back to the Dutch colonial period. There he meets a beautiful blue-eyed girl who can turn into a canary, hordes of Black Ants, and the moon son. And he may have to lead a war in this mysterious world...


In the catalogue of Shoot the Book! 2019 at the Cannes Festival.

Djoko Lelono is an Indonesian writer. The first book in his science fiction series SPACE EXPLORERS (1976) was the first science fiction novel written by an Indonesian author.


A children/YA fantasy, with unusual creatures in another world.

Nono was scared. How could he have got lost in the walnut tree? He just wanted to put his bike against it. And who was the mysterious black kid that lured him into it? Nono wanted to get out. But inside the tree a different world existed. He suddenly found himself in the Dutch colonial period! It was not the worst. There were many other strange things. For example, a beautiful blue-eyed girl who could turn into a canary, hordes of Black Ants, and the moon son. What kind of world was this? Nono wanted to return home to his great-grandfather in Wlingi. But was it possible for him to come back, if it turned out that he had to lead a war perpetrated on the mysterious world?

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