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Sara Barnard

  • Original Title: GOODBYE, PERFECT
  • Publication date: February 2018
  • Publisher: Macmillan Children's Publishing Group
  • Country: GB
  • 320 print pages
  • Drama


  • Epoch: Contemporary
  • Time Period: 21st century
  • Location setting: United Kingdom
  • Themes: FAMILY, Emancipation, PEOPLE facing life, Moral dilemma, Facing failure, SOCIAL CHRONICLES, Friendship, Loyalty, LOVE / HATE, Amorous urge, Adoption, Resilience, PEOPLE facing the extraordinary, Manipulation


Eden is concerned mostly with her GCSEs and her boyfriend - normal teenage stuff. But when her friend Bonnie runs away with her secret boyfriend, who happens to be one of their teachers, and Eden is the only one who knows where they are, she must figure out the right thing to do.


Awarded the Bookseller's YA Book Prize 2019, described as an "unflinching" and "utterly riveting" contemporary novel about the impact of a teacher-student relationship.

Translation rights sold: Russia, China

Sara Barnard is an English writer. Her debut novel BEAUTIFUL BROKEN THINGS was shortlisted for the YA Book Prize and selected as part of Zoella's Book Club, sold 55,000 copies in the UK and translated in 12 languages internationally.


" When I was wild, you were steady...
Now you are wild - what am I? "

Friendship bonds are tested and the very nature of loyalty is questioned in this novel about a teen whose best friend runs away with her teacher after suffering the effects of too much academic pressure.

Eden McKinley knows she can't count on much in this world, but she can depend on Bonnie, her solid, steady, straight-A best friend. So it's a bit of a surprise when Bonnie runs away with the boyfriend Eden knows nothing about five days before the start of their final exams. Especially when the police arrive on her doorstep and Eden finds out that Bonnie's boyfriend is actually their music teacher, Mr. Cohn.

Sworn to secrecy and bound by loyalty, only Eden knows Bonnie's location, and that's the way it has to stay. There's no way she's betraying her best friend. Not even when she's faced with police questioning, suspicious parents, and her own growing doubts.

As the days pass and things begin to unravel, Eden is forced to question everything she thought she knew about the world, her best friend, and herself. Sara Barnard explores just what can happen when the pressure one faces to be "perfect" leads to drastic fallout.

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