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Malcolm Duffy

  • Original Title: ME MAM. ME DAD. ME
  • Publication date: April 2018
  • Publisher: ZEPHYR
  • Country: GB
  • 320 print pages
  • Drama


  • Epoch: Contemporary
  • Time Period: 21st century
  • Location setting: United Kingdom
  • Themes: FAMILY, Dysfunctional family, Family secrets, PEOPLE facing life, Coming of age, SOCIETY DYSFUNCTIONS, Violence, CHARACTERS, Child, Paternity, Filiation, Surpassing oneself, Moral dilemma, Facing failure, SOCIAL CHRONICLES, Commitment


A young boy traumatised by seeing his mother physically abused, goes on a desperate search for his estranged father to help him.


Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2019, category Older fiction.
Longlisted for the Branford Boase 2019 awards.

Malcolm Duffy is an English advertising copywriter and writer. The idea for his debut novel, ME MAM. ME DAD. ME (2018), came when he was working as Creative Director at Comic Relief. He visited a project that helped women and children who'd suffered as a result of domestic violence.


Danny's mam has a new boyfriend. Initially, all is good – Callum seems nice enough, and Danny can't deny he's got a cool set up; big house, fast car, massive TV, and Mam seems to really like him.

But cracks begin to show, and they're not the sort that can be easily repaired. As Danny witnesses Mam suffer and Callum spiral out of control he goes in search of his dad.
The Dad he's never met.

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